October 31, 2005

Scoble should be fired, author tells Microsoft

Is this slightly off-topic? I don't think so, platforms are social as well as technical. And this is an interesting story of company blog strategy and dispute of world-views.

Some guy went to Microsoft and told them to sack Robert Scoble. (Longer description here)

Here’s my take. Fight the Bull are Cluetrain for people who can’t handle the lefty, hippy, anarchist vibes of the original.

In a sense, there’s a market for voice reframed for disciplinarian conservatives. For RageBoy’s aggressivity, but not the whole Gonzo package.

If that’s what they’re selling, it’s vital for them to establish their credentials in opposition to the Cluetrain wing (which I take Scoble to be a manifestation of).

Fight the Bull offer salvation not by liberating the individuals to speak honestly, but by stamping out the obscurantist (intellectual?) tendencies of your employees. Of course they need to smack-down Scoble (who’s own book is coming soon) and signal their compatability with the overbearing boss : “Not in my company, man”

Update : Interesting. I left a comment on Scoble's blog which was pretty much the same as the above and it's now gone. (Moderated away by Scoble?) Is there something outrageous about this?
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