April 28, 2013

Yahoo and Alibaba

So now you know the truth: The reason Yahoo is valuable to its investors has nothing to do with it being a consumer Internet company or its display advertising business.

It's a tracking stock for Alibaba. This puts Marissa Mayer in a wonderful position. 
The only way Yahoo can return to growth is to invest lots of money in building or buying new, disruptive products and businesses ... That means Mayer has time to implode Yahoo's core business and spend a lot of money growing something else in its place.

April 04, 2013

Google Forks WebKit

This is disturbing.

Sure, there are probably good technical reasons. But forking WebKit means that the capabilities of Apple and Google's browsers are almost certainly going to diverge. Is this a subtle push-back by Apple and Google (owners of iOS / Android respectively) against HTML5 as a successful platform that cuts across mobile operating systems?