November 22, 2005

A VC: Posting, Subscribing, Tagging AND Search

A VC: Posting, Subscribing, Tagging AND Search

I still don't seem to have anything interesting to say about GoogleBase. Is it better to be a centralized database or merely index edge databases? Will Google be evil and prevent other people crawling and using the data? Is this an outrage?

What about poor little Craiglist and EBay and Tribe? Is this what Paul Ford was getting at?


I dunno. All I can do is wait to see.

My main question is still ... where's Orkut in all this? Where's Blogger? Google has these great big community and blogging sites. Are they going to be plugged in?

Are we going to find our tools upgraded with the capacity to add Googlebase friendly metadata anytime soon? And if not, is this a fumble by Google?

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