May 05, 2013

Ceasefire ...

I'm working on some new things. And I've started to feel the need for a new online identity. And to try to find some collaborators with similar interests to join me in this next project. That's something I'm going to talk about more, on my other blog, very soon.

But I can't keep opening up new fronts. There's a balancing / decluttering that's needed too.
I just shut my Facebook account. That was for other reasons, but it's also going to clear some space and time. And it's pushed me towards thinking about further changes.
Therefore I've decided that I'm going to close Platform Wars. Permanently.
It's possibly my most popular blog. But I've basically finished with it. I have nothing more interesting to say on the matter. I'm done with fantasizing about running other people's companies. It's time to worry about running my own virtual career.

PS :  If anyone is interested in taking over Platform Wars, then leave me a comment. We may be able to arrange something. I'll be honest, I'm proud of (most of) the body of ideas and writing here so I want to leave the archive up as a record of what I thought. If I do pass it on, I'm going to be selective. I'm definitely not going to hand it over to a link-spammer or someone I don't trust. But if you really like the principle of this blog, think it has potential, and that you may be the person to take it forward, then we may be able to work something out. 

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