July 29, 2010

Another package manager for Windows.

How hard would it be for a third-party to build an app-store on Windows that effectively wrapped it? That placed itself and its brand between the customer and Microsoft?

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John Powers said...

M$ is planning an app store for Windows 8. Minimsft reports on M$ "every employee the ability to write and deploy WP7 applications."

You know I don't know Jack when it comes to tech stuff. My reaction to your question basically came down to trust.

I noticed that Lookout reported that a popular Android app was stealing phone data here. I think it's a good bet that M$ will approach security like Apple does--"Trust us." I think it's also a good bet that approach will falter at times.

My sense of trust is that it is fostered by listening. Listening is not something M$ is known for. My ignorant impression is a third-party app-store wouldn't be so hard legally and technically. Trust and security aren't the same but are related. The trick would be to have some listening and trust making in the DNA of a Windows app-store.

I bet there will be many ex-M$ folks in the next few years. It's that cohort that a credible 3rd-party store might emerge. Perhaps some of those WP7 developers.