July 20, 2009

Listen to the linked mp3 piece about Craiglist's "demonetization" of the newspaper business.

People are still mystified this ... witness questions like "the money disappeared ... where did that value go?". Come on! "Money" doe NOT equal "Value"! That's the core of TCP/IP vs. the Dollar, money and the net are rival stores of / circulation media for value.

Bonus : A comment I wrote about "Free" over on Blahsploitation.

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John Powers said...

I looked for your post about the Plastic Logic ereader to post this comment, but couldn't find it. So I'm OT again.

I thought the talk at OSCON, it's the first presentation on the video, about hacking the Kindle very interesting. Barnes & Noble recently announced that they'' introduce and ereader by Plastic Logic next year.

I have no business sense. Those that do say the real battle is not about the machines but where you by the books.

Without business sense I'm thinking about zines and other longtail sorts of books. Educational books don't really fit the longtail, but the monopoly in textbook publishing is really a problem not just for price but content. So the open textbook movement is something important.

It seems to me the machines, at least what the machines can do is an important part of this developing publishing form. It ought not be all about the money. There are many commons issues involved.

Hacking the Kindle so it can be used to read other stuff, even be used as a sort of netbook is cool. But those hacks put a damper on Amazon's strategy for sales.

Interesting how this battle will shape up.