August 01, 2007

Umair sceptical on Facebook

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John Powers said...

The depressing reason why I'm skeptical about facebook is I have no friends.

What excites people of a certain age like me, when they sign up for facebook is discovering people they know in real life. For me, no friends, surely the not-very connected like me are typical.

Umair asks whether hyperveritcal communities aren't more efficient. It's a good question and makes me think I don't really understand facebook. What I was thinking is that facebook might become sort of a default profile for people, but its friends requirement seems too exclusive to be really useful to me; i.e. the semi-closed nature that makes Umair skeptical.

At the blog Firedoglake when people comment they can have a little facebook icon by their profile. But besides what they say about themselves on their profiles or actually writing them a note there's no way to explore who they are.

I'd like an icon for something like onXiam that could travel around where I comment.

touchGraph is so cool. If I could find a way to map me that seemed right it would be nice to have a little icon that could travel with me to link to that map.